What We’re About

What we're about.

Stockpickers.co.uk was created in 2017 with a mission to get more people into financial investing, particularly UK equity. Our journey started in 2010 when the two co-founders of Stockpickers began trading equities on the London Stock Exchange. From there, they have gone on to trade bonds, international shares , crypto currencies, funds and foreign currencies. Over time, this became more than just making extra cash, and instead, has become a passion which Stockpickers want to pass on to the next generation of traders.

The overarching mission of Stockpickers is to provide our fans with knowledge, advice, hints and tips on everything you need to trade with confidence. 

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Harry Morton, Co-founder:

“Hello, my name is Harry, one of the two co-founders here at stockpickers.co.uk. I have been employed in an analytical and advisory role at a financial services firm since graduating from university. I began trading London listed equities at the age of 16 using money earned from part-time jobs, this provided the foundation for me to expand on. I have branched out into commodities and bonds but most of my efforts and expertise will always be in equity, as this is my real passion.

I believe my age group are widely missing out on the opportunity to invest in our future and influence the financial world. For those with less money and experience, engaging discussion on investments can be hard to find. This was my inspiration behind stockpickers.co.uk, to provide an accessible and entertaining platform to inform and engage, as well as passing on the experience I have gained in my successful years trading.”


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Toby Allan, Co-founder:

“Hi, I’m Toby, the other co-founders of Stockpickers.co.uk. I have a BSC in business and management and work as a commercial underwriter. I began investing when I was 16, with the aim of earning more money than the current interest rate could provide. However, it turned into a very successful venture with biggest wins coming from funds and recovering companies. This investing strategy turned into a lifelong passion, which I think anyone can enjoy! Following on from mine and Harry’s own personal success, we set up stockpickers.co.uk.

I wanted a platform to help encourage the next generation of traders, by providing what we have learnt over many years, into one website. I think the biggest barrier to financial investing is understanding. We want to help people learn how to trade, be happy with their investments. Please take your time to read our articles, and do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any feedback or suggestions. Happy trading.”