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A week in the life of a volatile market

You may remember from our previous article that global equity markets have faltered as policy makers crank up interest rates (If you aren’t clear on this, please, follow the link to the article, we explain it all super clearly). Since then, things haven’t got any smoother as markets have been swinging wildly. Global stocks were

Taylor Wimpey, can they build a solid foundation?

Taylor Wimpey, one of the largest UK housebuilders, listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2007. The company was formed through a merger of Taylor Woodrow Ltd and George Wimpey. The company suffered this last decade, taking a huge hit in 2008 after the financial crisis. Their share price dropped from around 700p to about

Funds part 2: Active vs Passive

You may have been left pondering what these terms mean recently as “return of active management” is discussed in the news. Active and passive management refer to two methods used to set up and manage the portfolio of an equity fund. Active requires the fund manager to research shares on an individual basis in order

The falling stock market, for dummies!

So, global equity markets have taken a nose dive. A year of impressive gains for the FTSE 100 were reversed in a week. This has been caused by recent data suggesting strength in the global economy, seems bizarre, right? In this longer than usual piece we take it right down to the basics to explain

Could these growth stocks replicate Fever-Tree?

We’ve all heard of Fever-Tree, the upmarket tonic brand taking the battle to Schweppes. Fever-Tree started in 2004 in the depths of South West London. Their focus was to create a premium tonic which could be perfectly matched with the ever-growing trend of craft gin. However, they didn’t expect to be the growth stock of

How do you buy gold?

With concerns rising that a bear run is long overdue, you may be thinking about investing in the shiny stuff. In stark contrast to cryptocurrencies, gold is not easily created or destroyed and has an intrinsic value and use, thanks to this it is a “safe heaven” where investors put their money in times of

Has Carillion’s collapse made John Laing Group a buy?

John Laing Group (JLG), an originator, investor and manager of infrastructure projects, finished 2017 in style, yet the share price has been pulled back in the last few days over links to collapsed construction firm Carillion. This is despite the same report that revealed the links also concluding there would be “no material impact”, so

Part 1. What are funds, and how can they benefit your portfolio?

A fund is a professionally managed pool of money which is invested in a range of different equities. By providing an affordable way to invest in shares that could cost thousands of pounds to buy individually, you can essentially buy a pre-built portfolio for a fraction of the price. All of which is managed by

Could Greencore offer better returns than any supermarket?

Food-to-go specialist and Tesco (LON:TSCO) supplier Greencore (LSE:GNC) is poised to bite into impressive growth after a tremendously ambitious acquisition starts to pay off. Greencore is one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers and focuses on convenience and food-to-go items such as sandwiches, sushi, dips and sauces. These fresh foods are supplied to major retailers

A useful tip for preventing loses turned into mystics yesterday as we predicted the outcome of today’s Boohoo trading update. We have noticed a recent trend amongst expensive, high P/E shares, that strong trading updates matching or beating market expectations have prompted a muted or negative reaction in the share price. Recent notable victims have been IQE, Quiz, Gear4music and

Have shaky iPhone sales provided a great price point for IQE?

680% share price growth in two years (what!?!). IQE plc. manufacture semiconducting “wafers” that are used in a range of devices including smart phones. Much of this gobsmacking growth is the upshot of a relationship formed with a certain client you may have heard of, Apple. It’s presumed IQE are supplying components for the latest

So, why should you invest? was developed as a platform for experienced investors to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. Yet, people who have never invested, or even thought about it, often look at the practice with trepidation. So, why get into investing, what are the risks and what are the potential rewards? I began investing when